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Ask the Expert: How to Leverage Digital Tools in Behavioral Health

Thursday, October 28, 2021
1 hour

It has been well documented that even prior to the pandemic, there existed a shortage of behavioral health professionals. The current service delivery system is not capable of meeting the needs of individuals who meet diagnostic criteria for mental illness, let alone providing services and resources to foster mental well-being.

At a time of stretched resources, altered working conditions, and the evolving nature of the prolonged pandemic, digital tools present an opportunity for behavioral health providers. These tools can help expand the scope and scale of behavioral health services across key phases of mental health support, including prevention, screening, treatment, and recovery.

Join us Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 2 PM ET for a live Q&A session on how to leverage digital tools/solutions in behavioral health. Vicki Ittel, Ph.D., MBA, Matt MacKinnon. and Jennifer Gendron will answer questions like:

  • What are digital behavioral health tools?
  • How can we vet tools and solutions that are right for our organization?
  • What kind of results can we expect to see after implementing and using digital tools?

Vicki Ittel, Ph.D., MBA

Director, Solutions

Dr. Vicki Ittel, Ph.D., MBA is the Director of Behavioral Health Solutions for Relias. In that role, Dr. Ittel works with payers, providers, professional trade organizations, and government entities to design and apply digital analytical solutions that improve patient outcomes and create systemic change. Prior to joining Relias, Dr. Ittel held C-level positions at several national healthplans and formed several companies providing Medication Assisted Treatment to individuals with opioid use disorder. Dr. Ittel is passionate and committed to using innovative technological applications in healthcare transformation.

Matt MacKinnon

Director, Solutions Services

Matt is the Director of Solution Services for Relias' Population Health suite of products. In this role he provides leadership to the teams delivering services that help our clients make sense of their claims data with actionable and clinically based insights. As a leader, Matt's focus is on developing a culture of value creation by fostering innovation, continuous improvement, and utilizing lean principles. He brings over twenty years of prior experience in healthcare systems, consulting, and software engineering to this role. During this time he worked with payers and providers at both the state and national level across the spectrum of Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare products.

Jennifer Gendron

U.S. Chief Commercial Officer
Koa Health

Jennifer Gendron has more than a decade of experience in global health and well-being SaaS solutions for employers and health plans. She is currently the U.S. Chief Commercial Officer for Koa Health, overseeing all commercial efforts in the United States, including sales, marketing, client success, and partnerships. She most recently served as Head of Development, Innovations for the EX® Program, a digital tobacco cessation solution, and has held leadership positions with Virgin Pulse, MeYou Health, and E4 Health. Gendron’s expertise in high-growth technology is complemented by 10 years of experience as a provider in clinical behavioral health and in behavioral health academia.