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Understanding Moral Injury

Tuesday, May 30, 2023
45 minutes

Public safety officers routinely encounter criminal and violent acts as part of their jobs. Consistent exposure to these stressors can significantly impact officers' physical and mental well-being. Due to this psychological trauma, moral injury occurs when an individual is forced to transgress deeply held personal beliefs through action or inaction.

Join us on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. ET to hear Keisha Isaacs and Lisa Tomlinson discuss the impact of on-duty work and how that can lead to moral injury.

In this webinar, you’ll also learn:

  • What moral injury is
  • The signs and symptoms of moral injury
  • How to address moral injury in others and/or yourself as well as feelings around it

Keisha Isaacs

K. Isaacs Consulting, LLC

Keisha Isaacs serves as a National Consultant and Trainer in the juvenile justice field. In this role, she guides youth toward positive change while encouraging professional and personal growth for those who work directly with youth. Prior to this role, Isaacs worked in juvenile justice in various capacities in the Chicagoland area, including as a Team Leader and Superintendent of the Destiny Center, where she was directly responsible for the daily oversight and operations of the center that included up to 45 detained youth and 38 staff members.

Lisa Tomlinson

L. Tomlinson Consulting, LLC

Lisa Tomlinson currently serves as a Juvenile Justice Consultant with the National Partnership for Juvenile Services and the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice. Throughout her career, she has worked directly with youths as well as helping to shape the system of juvenile justice. She started her career in 1988 as a Juvenile Probation Officer with Grayson County, Texas. She has since held various positions in the juvenile justice system, including Deputy Director of the Juvenile Detention Center for Grayson County, the Treasurer of the Texas Juvenile Detention Association Board, and the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer for Johnson County, Texas.